Tinting Your Windows Is Both A Smart and Cool Move


Tinted windows aren’t just for rock stars and Hollywood actors wishing to avoid the glare of the paparazzi camera lights. Tinted windows are a smart move for normal people too because tinting provides a whole host of ‘hidden’ benefits beyond looking cool.Get the facts about smart tint .

When is dark too dark?

Did you know that tinting is available in different degrees – or levels – of tinting? The amount of tinting is subject to your personal choice, although you do need to remember that in many places there are laws about the degree of tinting (if any) that is permitted on the front windshield.

Sun block for your car

Properly installed tinting can block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful ultra-violet (UV) rays, effectively turning your windows into a natural sun screen… Without all the goopy creams. This reduction in UV is also good for the interior. You are probably familiar with how the sun bleaches colours – well this happens to your car’s interior too. Tinting slows down bleaching – practically stops it actually.

Cooler than cool?

And tinting your car keeps it cool too – more importantly this decrease in interior warmth makes cooling your car with your vehicle’s AC a much simpler task. Bottom line, tinted cars cool quicker because they don’t get a shot in the first place.

Sunglasses not required!

It’s comforting to wear sunglasses on a bright day, it reduces glare and eye strain. Tinting your car windows provides the same benefits and turns your vehicle into the largest set of sunglasses you’ll ever own! Now that’s cool.

Hidden safety features too?

Properly installed tinting has the additional benefit of strengthening the glass. This means in case of an accident, the glass is more shatter resistant.

Looks good

I know we said tinting was more than looking cool, and as you can see it truly is. However, people still judge a book by its cover (even if only briefly) and properly installed tinting (remember you can choose the level of tint) will make your car look classy and elegant.

Add to that the benefits of UV protection, reduced eye-strain, improved cooling and enhanced resistance to shattering, it all proves that tinting is both a smart and cool decision and a worthwhile investment.

About Enco Auto Trim & Glass: Dave Peck is the owner operator of Enco Auto Trim & Glass, a full service custom and classic glass repair and installation facility in Thornhill Ontario. With decades of experience, and many satisfied customers (both private and corporate,) Enco Auto Trim & Glass is proud to serve the local community of Thornhill and the surrounding areas.

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